Friday, September 5, 2008

We're not avoiding you...

....we just don't have phone service at our new house!

Luckily our internet was just hooked up and we're back in action. Jason just left on Saturday for Texas, they are in Beaumont, helping with the Ike cleanup. Missing him so much once again! He was able to spend 10 days here and we really enjoyed spending time in the house and getting a feel for it. We both agree, this is most definetly our Home ! I'm feeling very blessed these days...

The weather has been changing subtly here. Smaller Aspens are starting to change into yellow hues, & the days are growing cooler with that undeniable crisp "fall" scent in the air. I love this time of year! Last Thursday, a few of the higher elevations had some snowfall! Including Guanella Pass, which you will see in some of my photos. We are finishing up our season as the Trails Crew - I only have 7 official days of work left and then will dive in to projects closer to home for the time being!

I leave this Thursday for Birmingham, Alabama - my best friend Diane is getting married to my wonderful friend Jamie on Saturday, September 20th! Two beautiful people whom I'm so excited to see share their love together.

Leaving you with a few photos of my daily surroundings. Home pictures to follow.

We miss everyone and hope you're happy & healthy! XOXO