Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Friday!

It's least, for me it is! We work 4/10s, meaning we work 4 ten hour days, and have three day weekends. I have really come to love this schedule and enjoy having a weekday off to get errands done while businesses are open.

We began working with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corp this week. Here's a little tid bit about the organization -
The mission of Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, "Linking community, education and environment through service" drives our programming and organizational objectives. RMYC helps youth and young adults make a difference in themselves and their community through meaningful service opportunities and educational experiences. RMYC is part of a network of over 100 youth corps nationwide working to improve communities, the environment and the lives of youth and young adults by putting them to work on public lands and open spaces. RMYC strives to meet the needs of the community of northwest Colorado by offering long term mentoring for middle school students and summer conservation corps participants. Participants, called corpsmembers, work on crews to complete service projects for multiple city, state, federal and nonprofit agencies. RMYC is a member of the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps and the Colorado Youth Corps Association and is the only accredited youth corps serving northwest Colorado.

The City of Steamboat Springs Parks and Recreation Department established Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC) in 1993 in response to a demand from the community for more summer job and recreational opportunities for teens and at-risk youth. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps obtained non-profit status from the IRS in October of 1999. Privatization has allowed for more funding opportunities, a larger geographic area from which to recruit youth and projects, and greater capacity for programmatic changes in response to fluctuating demands.

RMYC strives to:

Provide life skills through a healthy lifestyles model
Provide educational success in youth and young adults
Provide job skills through enhanced employment opportunities for young adults
Engage young adults in meaningful conservation work
Forge partnerships with local land management agencies, community service and non-profit organizations
Promote an ethic of service to communities and the environment
Employ a diverse mix of ethnic, economic and social backgrounds

The group we are working with consists of 7 crew members ( 2 girls and 5 guys, ages 18-22) and their crew leader, Lauren. These kids are from all over..Wisconsin, Maryland, CO, Florida, Virginia..they are basically spending their summer camping and working outdoors..most sign up for the 9 week session, and some go on to "fall session" and will continue working for another 8-9 weeks or so. They will be working directly with us for three more weeks.

Our first week with them went really well! A great group of people. We are mainly working on the south park trail on Guanella Pass. This will be our main scenery for the next few weeks -
Square Top lakes we hike by each morning

I'm really dedicated & enthusiastic about the work we're doing up there, these trails will be used for many years by thousands of people, which really excites me!

Denver has been having record-high temperatures, breaking a 100 year old record of consecutive days with 90+ degree temps. The last record, set back in 1901, was 18 days. Luckily, the elevations we are living and working at provide cooler temperatures, usually 10 degrees below Denver..Guanella Pass usually hovers in the 70s, depending how high up you are.

Jason and the Platte Canyon fire crew has left for California once again - this time, they will be stationed in Quincy - northern California. He is thinking they will "re-up", which will mean they'll stay out there for about 4 weeks..I can't imagine being without his presence for that length of time! I'll have to learn to deal with it though, cell phones and Ben & Jerry's ice cream help immensely :)

Katie (sister-in-law) is in the hospital as I type, she has minimal dilation, enough for the doc to admit her to a room and wait..the baby's due date is Aug. 1st, so he'll be right on time!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone xoxoxox

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