Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Colorado Boogie Revival

I am so happy to announce the original Colorado Boogie Blog is back! It somehow magically appeared tonight, and Blogger asked if I wanted to "un-delete" the blog! Whew!
So here we are! Jason and I are keeping busy with the house, our jobs, and just enjoying Colorado. It has been a very dry winter for CO (except for in the high country, like Steamboat and Breck, where they are getting record amounts of snow!), but we have been having a couple of late March and early April snow showers moving through. I took a few photos of our "blizzard" we had two weeks ago, I had to leave my car at work and take a few buses home. I spent seven hours on a bus that day, but that's a whole blog entry in itself! These experiences are bringing me closer to becoming a true Coloradoan, I think... (hehehe)
Enjoy the photos of our most recent happenings. Oh, and please come visit us, our doors are always open, and we have plenty of room and cozy beds and places to lay your heads!
We're getting so excited for Jason's mom's visit in May!!
Much Love....
Pulling in to the neighborhood after a blizzardy day (Jason rescued me after my "bus day")

Staring out the bus window while we were stuck on the highway

Highway 285

I found this night stand on the side of the highway, cleaned it up, and viola! We love finds like this! Hey, another man's trash...is our treasure

The days are longer and warming up..

Mmmmm...oh, and the steak looks good too ;)

Warm cozy fires at night

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