Saturday, September 12, 2009


Greetings! Did you think we forgot about you? Never! It's much has been going on, and honestly I haven' post!

My job with the Forest Service has been taking me in all different directions. I'm working as an archaeological aid based out of Canon City, in southern CO (about 2 hours from Bailey). Our main projects have been surveying land on Poncha Pass near Salida, CO, and surveying land on in the Green Horn Mountain area near San Isabel, CO. I really enjoy the work and finding pre-historic stones Ute and Apache indians used thousands of years ago. Below are some photos of Poncha Pass, and a pic of a projectile point base I found, said to be archaic, which dates it back 8500 years!

I have been staying down in Canon, Salida, or San Isabel (depending on where we are working that week) and take Hwy 285 home on Thursday eves. This pic below is driving thru Tarryall, right before heading up Kenosha Pass. What a beautiful sky!

Now...this is the unveiling to Colorado Boogie readers..of our new creation, Dope on a Rope! It's soap! I give credit to my wonderful husband for coming up with this genius novelty idea last Thanksgiving. We've been working on the idea ever since. One of our neighbors designed the mold for us, and all supplies are bought locally from a great soap & candle supplier we found, Peak Candle Supplies . We also found a wonderful local supplier of essential oils, colorant, and dried herbs, Colorado Organics .
Red Rocks amphitheatre has been our stomping grounds for selling the soap. The reactions and support for the soap has been overwhelming! We are getting a website going and hope to grow this in to a full time business. I just love seeing my husband in the kitchen, sprinkling calendula and green tea herbs into the soap molds, stiring the essential oils into the soap's so cute!

Jason's brother Matt was in Loveland around the end of July for work & came to visit us for a few days. We took him to Breckenridge, then up to Frisco for some frisbee golf. Jason & I really enjoyed having him here & sharing Colorado with him :)

There are many good opportunities and happenings on the horizon, which I will save for another blog. For now, I can say we are still enjoying Colorado and our home, & looking forward to our next adventures with the soap and traveling..hope everyone is healthy and happy, much love xo.

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Schuyler Redpath said...

thanks for the update, I thought you forgot about me! really hope to make it out to colorado soon!