Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wellington Lake and Rex Rock

Today we had a late breakfast at the Cutthroat Cafe and then ventured down to Wellington Lake to explore and try out some trails. What a beautiful dream land! Castle Mountain sits behind Wellington Lake. I'll elaborate more on the area in future posts, but for now, the photos will tell our stories. As we winded towards the town of Pine, we came across a rock formation that locked like a Tyranosaurus Rex head. We attempted to climb to the top but I stopped just a few feet short..Jason kept going a little ways (brave, he is!)..I settled on a warm flat rock and we ate our lunch overlooking Mount Evans and gorgeous Ponderosa pines. On our way back down, Jason decided he had lost his wallet along the way and so began a thirty minute hunt down the trail for a small brown object. We trudged thru snow and mud..and still, no sign of wallet. Until we arrived at the RV. Yes...there it was, patiently waiting for us in the cup holder of the Bandit. We ventured on and came to a picturesque area where Jason decided to give me a brief lesson in fly fishing. What a rush, I did well and can't wait until we actually practice when there's fish in the Platte. Our day ended with drinks and an entree at a rustic yet modern restaurant in Pine Grove, called Zoka's. Really cool place.

Below are some photos. I hope you enjoy. Love from us xoxo.

Our RV, The Bandit, traversing Wellington Lake.

Castle Mountain Mayhem...

That red speck is me, sun bathing :)

View from fishing.

Wallet hunt on T-Rex rock.
My view from flat rock.

Eating at 9,000 feet...gets messy!

Contemplating the meaning of Life..or what's in my sandiwich?

T-Rex Rock.

The mickey elk strikes again.

Wandering at Wellington.

Castle Mountain.
Wellington with Castle Mountain.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the pictures. I used to go camping, fishing, and hiking there when I was a little girl. I'm forty eight now and taking my daughter and her kids there this weekend. Once I saw your pictures it got me more excited. It brought back good memories. Thanks Linda