Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nostalgic Wind is a'blowin...

Hello folks, not much to report today except that the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth. Tomorrow's forecast, not so bright - lots of snow...we'll see, forecasters are about as predictable as Madonna's hair color. Today was wonderful - Jason had his second day at his new venture with the fire station, familiarizing and getting comfortable with the new personalities and settings that will surround him for years to come, and I took care of some "new place" business (electric company, etc.). I also went for a good jog, still easing in to this altitude, straining for oxygen up here at 8,500 feet. It's definetly getting better though, and will take time.
I applied for a job at the Red Rocks Country Club, which is in Morrison and right outside of the Red Rocks Amphitheater (featured below). I'm going to interview with them Friday - will keep the blog updated with any news ;) It's such a beautiful place and I would be honored to work in such an upstanding and historical site.
The photos above are some we took tonight. All are views from our apartment, and the inside view includes our love plant "Agnes", which our moms and few people know to be the first plant I gave Jason on one of our first dates. He has kept this plant alive since October - she hasn't been doing too well on her trip to Colorado, but we gave her a spring cleaning and she's looking brighter and healthier. Part of the reason she may be feeling off-kiltered is the cutting and spreading of her limbs - we cut and gave a small limb to each of our parents to grow and remind them of us and our commitement and love. I really hope Agnes pulls through!
Also included in the photo is a snow globe my best friend Diane (Diggy, Digglesworth) gave me on the night of my engagement and one of the last nights I spent with her. It's a snow globe of a crab under an umbrella, in a beach setting...she said it was to remind me of all the wonderful and good times we spent with each other while we both lived in Naples/Bonita. It will forever be one of my favorite keepsakes (little does she know :) I've known her since middle school and she is one of the most real and beautiful friends a person could ever ask for. I am so happy her and Jamie found each other and we look forward to sharing our life experiences, marriage, love, and family advice with them!
One more thing - Mamma D (Jason's mom) - your Love Candle is also in the photo to the left, although I had a hard time taking the picture without the flash obstructing the view in the window. We love this candle so much!! It smells like fresh cookies and muffins, such a homey and comfy feeling! Thank you and Jim, it is a special candle that definetly brings us closer.
Signing off for now! Love to ALL xo

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