Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 8..Sight of land..

Not much to report today - I woke up early again to snow, then went back to sleep and by the time we woke back up (around noon - hey, higher altitude makes you sleeeepy!), the sun was shining and snow was melting.

We went Goodwill hunting again and finished up getting some basics we needed. Except for the red high heel chair, but I may sneak back to town and buy it tomorrow. Pictures to follow ;)

BTW, the Goodwills out here are amazing. So many diamonds in the rough. Tomorrow I will test out my new mountain bike... for $5! A Trek 990, which retailed for close to $1000 in its glory days. FIVE BUCKS!

Stopped in to Chilis on the way back to the Rustic Hole, and met some new fishing friends from Michigan, theyve been in the area for about 12 years, really nice folks! Everyone around here seems to be.

Jason starts work tomorrow, while I start hunting for work. It has been so nice having this last month off! How stress free people would be if they could live without having a time schedule and having to be somewhere at a set time every day. I will admit I'm anxious to start getting that pay check again, as the $$ is thinning out! Tomorrow I'll visit Wellington Lake, Chatfield state park, Eleven Mile state park, as well as a few other places I can apply for seasonal work.

It has been flurrying on and off today - mom I'll try and get a snowball pictures for you ;)

I'm leaving everyone with pics of our drive from Littleton into Conifer, the photos don't do this drive justice..actually my camera hasn't done an of this area justice! If anyone has any advice on how I can change my camera settings ( a Samsung S630) to correct whatever's going on in my photos ( looks like over-pixelation, is that possible?), please let me know what to do.

More tomorrow, Love to All xoxoxoxxx

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