Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rustic Rat Hole

I awoke early this morning and peeked outside..only to discover it had snowed 2 or 3 inches overnight! Our vehicles, as well as the ground, were blanketed in bright white snow. I thought surely we were snowed in but apparently this amount of snow is child's play for Bailey. Tonite - 70 percent chance of snow and a lo of 15! (It started snowing as I was typing this)

We ate brunch at a delicious local cafe called the Cutthroat. Breakfast was under $20 which had become an anomaly to us, until we moved here :)

I was able to snap a few shots around Bailey, as well as views from our rustic rat hole. Enjoy!

Mickey "Jason" Mouse outside our little local eatery

Quaint country store next to cafe

View from bridge, walking to hardware store.

View as we trot through Bailey

Still trotting. Real estate office to the lower left.

The Rustic from the outside.

Kitsy the Kitchen
Our beautiful view from living room.

Outside of the Rustic.

What we see stepping out each glorious mornin!

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