Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Rich Fire

Here is a little about what's going on with the fire Jason is at. It's about 20 miles west of Quincy, CA - northern part of California.

Rich, Plumas NF. IMT 1 (Hoff). Twenty miles west of Quincy, CA. Timber.

Smoke in nearby valley bottoms is a result of the burnout operations that are currently being conducted to strengthen fire lines. Fire officials report good progress is being made with the construction of line around the fire's perimeter and with the burnout operations.

10 firefighters from Australia and New Zealand have been assigned to the Rich fire after cimpleting an assignment on the Butte Complex.

Highway 70 been has re-opened to public access; Cal Trans is providing 1-way traffic control with pilot car escort from 2 miles east of the town of Rich Bar to 6.5 miles west of the Jct. Of SR 89 (Butte Co). Evacuation orders issued by the Plumas County Sheriff's Office remain in effect.

• Power transmission lines that feed the Quincy area were re-energized yesterday as fire intensity decreased in the vicinity of the lines.

• Firefighters will be conducting burnout operations on the north and south sides of Hwy 70 today and on the north side of Hwy 70 this evening. Expect to see additional smoke due to the burnout operations.

RICH FIRE STATUS: 5,199 acres, 15% contained, $2,204,000 costs. The Rich Fire was fairly active yesterday, spreading to the northwest and challenging existing fire lines. Fire managers reported that shaded fire breaks created by the Plumas National Forest helped to slow the fire's advance. The fire was particularly active in Deadwood Canyon.

Last night's operations: Firefighters took care of 2-acre "slopover" that breached the line on the portion of the Rich Fire that is south of Highway 70. On the portion of the Rich Fire that lies on the north side of Hwy 70, firefighters constructed dozer line on the east flank, improved and held line on the northeast corner, contained numerous spot fires on the northwest corner and prepared and completed a successful burnout operation on the west flank.

Today's operations south of Hwy 70 (south of the East Fork of the Feather River): Today, crews and equipment will complete ongoing burnout operations and begin mop up efforts.

Today's operations north of Hwy 70 (north of the East Fork of the Feather River): Crews and equipment will continue will mop up and complete control lines, prepare the 22 Road from Deadwood Saddle to the 67 Road for burnout and burnout the 22 Road as necessary on the southeast flank. Dozers will continue to construct line at the head of the fire on the NE corner with support from engines. Crews, dozers, with support from engines, will focus on establishing dozer and handline down the No Name Ridge. Engines and dozers will work the unburned area above Hwy 70 on the southeast flank. The structure protection group will continue with perimeter control actions to protect structures along Hwy 70 and the Rich Gulch area and make further evaluations on needed structure protection along Hwy 70 to the east.

Tonight, crews and equipment will provide perimeter control structure protection and coordinate the continuation of suppression efforts with today's operations, including burnout operations on the north side of Hwy 70 and the east flank of the fire.

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