Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello out there

We went to Arapahoe Basin (known as A-Basin) for their closing 'beach' bash and a few more tries at skiing. I did a lot better this time and instead of trying to fall when I began going too fast for my liking, I just kept going..and the bottom of the hill :) A small hill, mind you, but a hill, that I skied down without falling! I do have a wonderful and patient coach (Jason), which does help.

After A-Basin, we went and checked out the town of Dillon, where the Dillon reservoir is located. Very cool tiny town. Had dinner at a brew pub and then headed home.

I have realized in my short amount of time here that it is going to take me a life time to explore Colorado! There's so many places to visit, climb, learn about, hike, bike, and of course an endless supply of great live music streaming through!

Quick note - I landed a job I've been trying to get out here ever since I found out we were moving to CO! I'll be working outside under the bright blue Colorado sky all summer as a forestry aid on a trail crew, mainly working in Guanella Pass! More to come on that..for now, I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoy these photos from our road trip Memorial day weekend.


Yes, that's a sign declaring we are entering an "Avalanch Area"

I would like to say I skiied down this hill, but we actually took this mini lift up (you stand on it, like at the airport)..and this is the view from the top of my hill I went down..

Arapahoe Basin..notice the Colorado license plate barely hanging on to the ski bum's red audi on the left...classic!

My fiance and world class instructor, pointing out that he is indeed #1

Giving me lessons on a $3 pair of Rosignol skis that are as old as I am. This requires skill. And patience. Lots of patience.

Taking a break and enjoying wearing short sleeves while skiing.

A kiss for being patient.

Driving home at sunset

The quaint town of Dillon, CO

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