Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Times

I am back from graduation weekend. What a perfect trip! Flight went great, I was able to visit my wonderful Aunt Sandy, the weather was sunny and warm for the graduation ceremony, and best of all, I spent some much needed quality time with my parents and brothers! The only thing missing was Jason, and my sister-in-law Katie, & Eli- we all missed them so much!

Tennessee and North Carolina were both absolutely beautiful. Everything was in bloom and just bursting with life! A big change from the snow I had left behind in Bailey.

I finally have my car back and am feeling a little better about driving everywhere now, since my car is a little more fuel efficient than our Toyota Bandit (camper) I was driving around for the past 2 months. The highest gas price I ran in to was $3.99when I crossed the state line from Indiana in to Illinois. Eeek!

I hope people will take a close look at who's in office right now and then take a look at our economy and everything going on around us..and get out there and VOTE this year.
Below are a few pics from my camera, I took most on my brother's camera and will post once he email them.

By the way, if anyone is thinking about coming out to Colorado to visit, the next few months are going to be amazing! High in the 70s today with a refreshing breeze and sun, sun, sun!


View from my parent's back yard in TN

Rest stop entering NC

Me & Dad at dinner after Trev's hooding ceremony

A sighting of the famous white squirrel

Mom & I at our golf resort in Brevard

Me, Trevor, & my twin bro Schuyler - celebrating after GRAD

Trevor, awaiting his hooding

Trevor, just hooded by his soccer coach and mentor, Coach Nelson

Kansas..wind turbines

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